Reba Renee is a Graphic Designer with a strong focus in Hand Lettering and Illustration.

What I Can Do For You

I am best known for using vivid color palettes, thoughtful design, creative problem solving, detail and unique letter forms. I work with various companies and small businesses around the country to help them gain more attention to their brand. By investing in my unique skills, you will be able to work with me to strategically create exclusive materials that will elevate your brand to new heights. In return, you will become recognizable and your business will be captivated as the leading industry innovator that it is.

What to Expect

My passion isn't motivated by a paycheck. Although getting paid to do what I love is pretty cool, my motivation is driven by the pure joy of seeing my work moving mountains and having the opportunity to challenge and elevate clients. I don't believe in the "fast food/drive-thru" design process. There is more value to design that goes beyond just creating pretty things and that takes a lot of research, thought and time. I believe in creating results and to do so, I will ask the tough questions. I will also take the time to learn the ins and outs of your business, because let's face know your business better than anyone else! With that, I will design your materials in a compelling way that will best communicate your mission and brand to the world.

Client Relationships

My favorite part about what I do is establishing relationships. Most of my clients I still keep in contact with to this day and some of them have actually become my really good friends! I have worked with a diverse group of companies, which include fresh startups, small businesses, large companies and advertising agencies who are in need of an extra hand or who are simply interested in using my unique skills for a special project. I tend to work really well with creative clients who share the same passions and interests, however with a small background in customer service, I find it easy to work with just about anyone! A few of the wonderful companies that I have great pleasure in working with include: Hammermill Paper, Red Bull and Manhood Journey.

Recent Projects