Reba Renee is a Graphic Designer with a strong focus in Hand Lettering and Illustration.

Meet the Artist
Hi, I'm Reba Renee Cooke! I grew up in Woodstock, Illinois and moved to The Gateway to the South when I was only 5-years-old. Ever since I could pick up a paint brush I have been creating and I have to admit that I learned all my skills from my talented mother!

Today, I am blessed to be able to have the opportunity to do what I love full time. With 9 years of professional graphic design experience, combined with a lifetime of passion for art and design, I use my unique gift and marketing expertise to help clients gain more attention to their brand.

I am best known for using vivid color palettes, thoughtful design, problem solving, detail and unique letter forms. As a freelancer, I have had great pleasure working with a handful of creative clients big and small. A few of those include: Red Bull, Hammermill Paper, Feeders Supply and a variety of marketing advertising agencies.

Art and design will always be the core of who I am, but there are a few other things that help define me. When I am outside of the studio, I am most inspired by music and the outdoors. The piano is another way that I release my creativity and hiking, kitten snuggles, spending time with family and traveling the world with my talented husband is the gasoline that keeps me going.

Awards + Recognition

2019 Gold Addy • 2019 Silver Addy • 2019 Ladies Who Paint • 2016 Silver Louie • 2013 Gold Louie • 2013 Silver Louie • 2012 Silver Louie