Monty's Direct Mailer

Project Details

Monty's Plant Food has been pioneering soil and plant enhancements since 1997. The award-winning gardener, Montrose “Monty” Justice, founded this company and ever since then Monty's Plant Food continues to use the productive, innovative plant and soil solutions to produce some of the best quality plant food on the market.

In 2015, I had the opportunity to design a mailer for Monty's Plant Food. Plant food in general can be tough to market and I knew this would be my biggest hurdle. Therefore, I wanted this mailer design to be unique, so that it really stood out and made an impression on the recipient. I had to think outside the box, which ironically lead me to the perfect solution...a mailer box! This is an interactive piece and because of its size, messaging, "punchy" headlines and the coordinating gift inside, it was nothing short of being memorable.

Client: Monty's Plant Food