Natural Playground Story

Project Details

Metro United Way is a group of professionals who offer a range of disciplines that extend across many areas of expertise. Over 100 nonprofit organizations and 50,000 donors have helped in providing for 1,000,000 people in solving their most pressing needs. One of the organizations is Natural playgrounds, which builds green, sustainable playgrounds that value the importance of reconnecting children with nature.

I had the opportunity to design a communication piece that will explain the Natural Playgrounds being proposed for two Excellence Academy Centers. They needed a brochure that provided Community Coordinated Child Care volunteers, partners, key stakeholders and parents with a "picture" of what the grassroots effort surounding Natural Playgrounds is all about. Using the playground and nature as inspiration for the design, I decided to go with a gatefold to give the feeling of opening a gate and going into a playground. Inside awaits an organic illustrated concept plan surrounded by informational content.

Client: Metro United Way