The Seelbach Hilton Banquet Menu

Project Details

The Seelbach Hilton is a historic, luxery grand hotel in Louisville, Kentucky and is rich with intricate design, history, legends and superstitions! After the hotel opened its doors to the public in 1905, it was quickly known to be one of the finest hotels in the United States. Over the years, it has been visited by many notable guests, was the location for the Great Wedding and was the inspiration for F. Scott Fitzgerald’s, ‘The Great Gatsby’.

In 2018, I helped The Seelbach Hilton redesign their catering menu. There are many that use their venue space and catering services for wedding, business and formal events, so I wanted to design the menu in a way that reflected the unique historical nature of the hotel, yet have a clean, fresh look and feel.

Client: Seelbach Hilton Hotel