Jill of
all trades.

Meet Reba Renee

Reba is the founder and Chief Creative Officer of Reba Renee Design Studio. Her passion for art and design developed at a very young age and has dedicated her life towards her craft. This dedication eventually led her into working the agency life. However, she had an enormous flame inside of her that burned for something more. Something that would push the boundaries of creativity—where she is free to be daring, where quality is more important than quantity and where passion isn't limited. This didn’t exist in her world, so she created it.

our talk isn't cheap.

“modern, bold,
and timeless.”

I am just so pleased! I’ve felt that my logo didn’t align with my business, especially with all the growth it had in 2020. Reba helped steer me in a direction of choosing a logo thats modern, bold, & will remain timeless as trends rapidly change. If you are searching for someone to help with your logo, check her out!
Bailey Wynn
Founder | Bloomed Roots

"efficient and professional.”

Reba came along at a crucial time for Manhood Journey. We had a bunch of modules to edit and create and nobody to help. She jumped in immediately, delivering efficient and professional work on very tight timelines.
Executive Director | Manhood Journey

“because it works!”

I have used Reba for many marketing projects for my businesses. In fact, I have lost count of how many times I've used her. I keep coming back because it works! She communicates, she's on time, and she just brightens the room. That stuff really matters. So, of course I recommend her.
Dr. Mike Norman
Owner | Modern Chiropractic & Injury Care

the pursuit of creativity

Renee Renee Design Studio was born in 2018, out of a pursuit and burning desire to motivate, inspire, and connect people through art and brand experience. Though our studio is small, we stand out with our unique approach to using bright colors and bold design. Over four short years, our small creative space has grown significantly in expertise, abilities and client base. As we continue to grow, the one thing that will stay the same is our constant pursuit of creativity, inspiration and imagination.

Clients Past & Present

We work with a diverse group of companies, which include fresh startups, large corporations, small businesses and retail giants. Ideally we prefer to work with clients that take interest in pushing industry boundries, aren't afraid of challenges, and appreciates our attention to detail. Below is a list of some of the great people we have had the opportunity to work and grow with.