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Bloomed Roots is a floral design company, based in Louisville, Kentucky. They are known for bold design and color, and specialize in one-of-a-kind blooms, hand-crafted arrangements, and custom floral designs.

With so much attention, and the business continuing to grow, the current logo no longer reflected the overall personality of the company. Bloomed Roots wanted a fresh logo redesign, and a secondary logo icon, that can be used on various media and materials.


We began by reimagining and building the brand to be unique, modern, playful, and bold. A type-focused logo accomplishes this and will be well-received by a large target audience. The modified vintage-inspired lettering has nicely balanced curves, which represents the beautiful and balanced nature of the company's craft. It also compliments the look and feel of their extended product line of Everlasting Florals. The bloomed flower element inside the "B" is the final touch that speaks directly to what Bloomed Roots is all about–Curated Florals.


The brand launched right in the middle of the Covid pandemic. This was a little intimidating given the circumstances and how it was effecting the growth of all businesses. However, Bloomed Roots literally bloomed. People realized that being away from family and friends, for an extensive period of time, was difficult and they needed a resource for connection. Sending fresh florals was a beautiful and safe way to communicate to the ones they love. Many people also bought flowers for themselves as it brought in a little piece of the outdoors that we all longed for during lockdown.