from home.


Lyric at Norton Commons


Wall Mural
Custom Lettering

The Lyric at Norton Commons is a luxery lifestyle living experience with unique, beautifully constructed apartment homes. The development sits right inside the Norton Commons community, so if the impressive amenities and features aren't enough, the town is bustling with shops, bars and year-round events.

The team of interior designers were working on the development of the community's co-working space and needed mural art to create an inspirational and motivational environment for residents and professionals. The challenge is that the mural design needed to speak to every demographic, since the coworking space will be used by anyone that works from home/remote, which nowadays is a lot of people. It's important that those from Louisville would be able to recognize the drawings, while making newcomers feel welcome.


To achieve this, we included iconic Louisville elements and mixed those in with memoreable work-related items. While the drawings were kept as "fun" elements in the design, we wanted to include copy, which would bring a formal tone to the piece. While some copy, such as "Possibility City", is already known as an iconic staple to Louisville, we wrote a few of our own that would emphasize the idea of working from home.