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Incredipet is considered to be a lower-priced alternative to name brand pet products inside Feeders Pet Supply and Chow Hound Pet Supply stores.

Feeders Pet Supply came to us with the vision of adding a private label line of products–Incredipet. They needed a logo, brand identity and development of product packaging. The challenge was to create a brand that would stand out in a saturated market. This was important, because Incredipet will not only be competing against other brands within their own store, but they will also be competing with other pet retail giants as well.


The pet business is highly competitive, so we wanted to dig deep and do our research before we went to the drawing board. We visited other local pet stores to get a feel for what was already out there, and we noticed that most private labels were minimal in design and color. This gave us the opportunity to approach the market with a new and bold perspective.

We sought to create a brand that was clean, bold and playful and did this through the use of vibrant colors, typography and isolated pet photography.


At launch of the new brand, customers were immediately captivated. While the Incredipet product line progresses and expands, the bold brand design and packaging continues to attract attention in stores and online.