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Feeders Supply Company's story began in 1959, selling feed to Louisville area livestock farms. Since then, their products have evolved and the business itself has grown into 30+ stores. Today, they are recognized as a premier retailer of pet foods and pet supplies and known throughout the region as “The Pet Lovers Store.”

Feeders Supply has had the same logo and graphics, with some small updates throughout the life of the company. However, with the business growing and evolving so much over the current years, they realized that a new brand was essential to their continued growth.


The first thing that needed to change was their name. "Feeders Supply" doesn't describe the products that they provide today. Even though they still offer feed, the majority of the business is known for it's pet food and supplies. The current name did not reflect this and could easily be misunderstood. So, with the smallest tweak, "Feeders Supply" became "Feeders Pet Supply".

Feeders Pet Supply is more than just a pet store. Its a community of pet lovers that truly care about your pets health and needs. This was an important quality that needed to be communicated through the new logo. The dog jumping to catch the frisbee tells a simple, but strong story, while reinforcing the focus on pets. Custom font was hand crafted and soft serif corners were added to pay hommage to their previous logo.

Visual identity is one thing, but we took it a step further and created unique messaging. This is where the brand really came to life and would set them apart from other pet retail stores. The playful voice reflects the feelings that they want their customers to associate with Feeders Pet Supply – fun, playful and energetic.


Because this company has been around for so long, implimenting a new brand, and letting go of the old one, was going to be tough. The previous logo was more than just a visual. There were a lot of memories and growth connected to it and that's hard to part with. However, when the final logo and identity was released, the Feeders Pet Supply family absolutely loved their new brand!