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Starlite Chiropractic & Injury Care


Branding + Identity
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Unlike conventional medicine, which focuses on attempting to treat disease once it occurs, Starlite Chiropractic focuses on improving patient health in an effort to reduce the risk of original pain, injury, and illness.

After a few years in the business, Starlite Chiropractic has been able to help hundreds of patients find relief from pain that resulted from pinched nerves and injury. Starlite has become a trusted resource in Louisville, Kentucky for those in Chiropractic need, however they feel that they have been falling underneath the radar.


After doing some research, our studio discovered that there wasn’t much of an established brand identity. It was apparent that in order to elevate the brand, and increase awareness, we needed to start from scratch. Starlite Chiropractic was very open-minded with this idea, which gave us the freedom that we needed, and what their brand needed, to dig deep. We crafted a fresh, modernized brand and identity, designed stationery and other printed materials that will be a great first step in helping them market their business.


In launching the new brand, current Starlite patients were in awe of the new look. Starlite debuted their new identity around town and was excited to see more people engage with their brand and services.