say it with
your eyes.


Skyelash Lounge (now known as: "Lashtastic")


Wall Mural
Custom Lettering

Lashtastic, formaly known as “Skyelash Lounge”, is a lash salon located in Louisville, Kentucky. Their vision is to empower women by providing beauty services that can enhance their natural beauty.

We were tasked to create a focal point inside their salon that can serve as a backdrop for women to embrace their natural beauty. They wanted something that will also increase social media engagement and create an online space where women can feel empowered and support other women.


Through lots of collaboration, we arrived at the phrase, “Say it with your eyes”. These words not only take the appropriate nod towards lash service, but it also serves as a positive reminder that it isn’t your outer beauty that defines who you are as a woman. It’s been said that the eyes of a woman are “the window” to her soul—which is where one will find her true beauty. With a design in hand and brushes, paint, and glitter in another, the Lashtastic wall mural was brought to life.


This project has since been updated to replace the #skyelashlounge hashtag to the salon’s new name, #Lashtastic. This wall mural has became a go-to staple when visiting the salon. Social media results show that this project has succeeded the expectations of enhancing engagement and creating an online community of confident women.