wall mural.


Red Bull North America


Wall Mural
Custom Lettering

Red Bull is the number one leading energy drink company in the world. The company's brand and products are designed to keep you fueled to do what you do best.

Our studio was honored to be selected as one of the artists to participate in transforming Red Bull’s new office space in Washington, DC. Our challenge was to create an inspirational wall mural, in our unique colorful and bold style, that not only expresses the personality of the Red Bull brand, but also illustrates the city of Washington, DC. Creating a design that inspires and captures the attention of employees, who will be surrounded by other artwork within the space, is a challenge within itself.


With the provided messaging “Energize with Purpose and Positivity” in hand, we set out to create custom hand-lettering that would complement the personality of Red Bull. We also developed custom illustrations of some of the most iconic landmarks of Washington, DC. The piece did not feel complete though without including the iconic Red Bull wings, so we had a lot of fun incorporating them into various places throughout the design.