more than
the score.


Manhood Journey Press


Publication Design

Manhood Journey Press, which is an extension of the non-profit, Manhood Journey, was founded in 2019 with a mission to publish Christian books and other Bible-based resources.

The first book that Manhood Journey Press will be publishing is called, “More Than the Score”. We were tasked to design and layout full cover art for both soft and hard cover books.


Written by the professional Major League Baseball legend Pat Combs, More Than the Score gives practical tools to help parents teach their athletic youth quality traits that matter "more than the score". It also helps parent’s breakdown the "win at all costs" paradigm and learn how to replace it with a growth mindset that can be used during life: character and virtue. It was important to convey the depth of this book in a single cover design that would inspire the curiosity of parents with kids in youth sports.


Equipped with an eye-catching cover and a more important message inside, Pat Combs successfully launched his new book. He received a tremendous number of positive reviews online and even found that parents without athletic kids still bought the book. Reviews from these parent’s state that they found the book to be incredibly “engaging, insightful and challenging”.