take flight.


Red Bull North America


Custom Lettering

The Red Bull Louisville Summer Internship program allows for students to gain a hands-on real world experience in a field you're passionate about, with a brand that's recognized as an iconic game-changer.

As a way to give back to their Kentucky and Indiana college interns, Red Bull Louisville came to us with the idea of a hands-on painting activity. They tasked us to create two custom canvases in which both groups from each state could participate in painting.


Our team immediately went to the drawing board and decided that it was important to create a motivational message that would be the focal point of the design. We wanted to play off the corporate tagline, "Red Bull Gives You Wings", so we landed (pun intended) on "Take Flight". Although the design base was the same for both canvases, we wanted to incorporate a couple additional elements, aside from our hand-drawn sflight inspired illustrations, that would represent each state. So, each design includes their state outline and features a custom color palette unique to its own.


Students had a lot of fun learning new painting skills and had a great team building experience. That was not the end for the two canvases, both Red Bull Louisville and Red Bull Indianapolis offices decided to hang the final canvases in their respected warehouses. The paintings will continue to inspire future generations of Red Bull interns for years to come.